The Achilleion Palace

The beautiful palace is located in the picturesque village of Corfu. Its exhibits are associated with Greek mythology and the history of the ancient Greeks. Its gardens are an earthly paradise, full of wonderful plants and works of art.


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Achilleion is a palace that was built in the 19th century by the Empress Elizabeth of Austria.

Its construction began in 1889 and was completed in 1891, under the supervision of the Italian architects Landi and Carito. Even though they did not succeed, the goal of the architects was to capture the three Greek orders, namely the Doric, the Ionic and the Corinthian. Elizabeth wanted all works of art to be associated with Greek mythology and the history of the ancient Greeks. Of particular importance is the painting “The Triumph of Achilles”, while outside of the palace, the nine marble statues of the muses dominate. In addition, 13 busts of ancient philosophers and the bust of Shakespeare are also preserved.

One of the sculptures of the palace with special style is the statue of “The Dying Achilles” which presents Achilles dying trying to remove the arrow from his heel. The name Achilleion was given by the Empress Elizabeth because of her special admiration of the Trojan war hero Achilles. In 1908, the palace was bought by the Kaiser (Emperor) Wilhelm II of Germany. After World War I, the Emperor lost his throne as well as Achilleion, which came under the ownership of the Greek state. Nowadays, the palace houses the Museum of Achilleion.